Instytut Biologii Medycznej PAN

Offer for Students


We encourage students, graduates as well as post-graduates to cooperate with our laboratory in the course of writing PhD dissertation or masters’ thesis. We also provide students’ as well as graduate practical training in the following areas: chemistry of nucleosides and nucleic acids (synthesis, characterization, physicochemical and biochemical evaluation, screening for antiviral activity, purynergic receptors’ modulating activity, as antisense agents, as labels for electrochemical detection of biomolecules) and molecular virology (basic and advanced molecular diagnostics of cytomegalovirus [hCMV] infection, congenital and postnatal hCMV infections, genetic polymorphisms among hCMV strains, genomic survey of polymorphisms in pattern recognition receptors [PRRs] and their possible relationship to herpesvirus infections, expression and activity of PRRs).