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Research topics

The basic interest of the Laboratory of Transcriptional Regulation lies in the mechanisms of regulation of human gene expression related to the response and resistance to deleterious environmental factors, including especially genes coding for multidrug resistance proteins and redox homeostasis enzymes. The aim of our research is to provide data and research tools relevant to studying in detail the mechanisms of co-ordinated induction and/or repression of the investigated genes at the level of transcription as well as the application of our results in biotechnological practice (construction of cellular reporter gene-based biosensors).

Current research projects include:

  • Construction of a panel of reporter cell lines for studying the influence of pharmacologically active substances on the expression of multidrug resistance proteins.

  • Mechanisms of regulation of ABCC6 gene expression.

  • Expression and role of elements of the thioredoxin-peroxiredoxin system in human vascular endothelial cells.

  • Influence of external factors on the endogenous production of reactive oxidants (ROS, RNS) in cells cultured in vitro .

  • Mechanisms of regulation of BLVRA gene expression.

  • Construction of a cellular oxidative stress biosensor.