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Research Topics

Cell adhesion molecules, cell motility and cell-cell interaction play a significant role in cancer progression and metastasis.



Our studies are focused on searching for early changes both in gene and protein expression that are accompanying EMT and increasing the mobility of cancer cells. We have performed transcriptomic and functional characteristics of colorectal cancer cells with EMT induced by transcriptional factor Snail (human HT29 cells overexpressing Snail) and described new genes and proteins that are up- and down- regulated during this process. The effect of this new proteins on cellular motility as well as the possibility of use of those proteins as a potential biomarker of colorectal cancer progression has not been reported before and is under investigation in our laboratory. Nearly all cells release various types of microvesicles (MVs) and their content affects physiological processes that are often deregulated in cancer and correlates with malignant behavior. We are carrying the studies on the effect of MVs by Snail-overexpressing colorectal cancer cells components on cells constituting tumor environment.