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Current research

  1. Function of neuromedin U in the metastatic process of colon cancer.
  2. Role of microvesicles released by human colorectal cancer cells HT29 overexpressing transcriptional factor Snail in preparing metastatic niche.
  3. Formation of cell migration structures.
  4. Role of the cyclic nucleotide balance regulating Rho- and ROCK- dependent signaling in cell motility.


Routinely used technics:

  1. Cell culture – primary and continuous cell lines.
  2. Analysis of gene expression by real time -PCR.
  3. Analysis of protein expression – SDS/PAGE, immunobloting.
  4. Flow cytometry.
  5. ELISA.
  6. Confocal microscopy - sample preparation and image analysis.
  7. Cloning and expression of recombinant proteins.
  8. Stable or transient cell transfection– gene overexpression or silencing.
  9. Cell proliferation assays and cell function tests (adhesion, migration, invasion, capillary tube formation).
  10. Analysis of metalloproteinases expression and activity (fluorescent gelatinase zymography assay, quench fluorescence method).
  11. Isolation of cell microvesicles by differential centrifugation steps.